Are you looking for Christmas gifts for the special people in your life? Check out this gift guide for some of our top picks in 2020!  If you need additional recommendations, click the help icon in the bottom right corner and tell us who you are shopping for - we would be happy to make some recommendations!

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Catholic Christmas Crackers

Introducing the Catholic Christmas Crackers by Gloria & Praise!  Perfect for your Christmas parties, New Year's parties, and all kinds of great Holiday get-togethers!

Christmas Crackers are pulled apart by two people which causes a friction snap to "pop", revealing goodies inside! 

Instead of a cheap prize like is often found in Crackers, the Catholic Christmas Crackers contain a surprise Pocket Saint in each cracker and an information card about the Saint (learn about the saints!).  Each cracker also contains the traditional paper crown plus a joke AND a charade - for Christmas fun!



Olivewood Rosary

One of the first trees mentioned in the New Testament, the Olive Tree has a special significance in the holy land.  This beautiful rosary is strung on cotton cording and the Hail Mary beads in this rosary are handmade in the Holy Land from olivewood. The "Our Father" beads are simple and made from a different type of wood. The rosary is finished with a beautifully formed, Italian made Silver Plated ZAMAC Crucifix. Each rosary is made and strung by hand



Pocket Oratory

Introducing our brand new Pocket Oratories!  Inspired by the vintage pocket oratories of the 1800s, these Pocket Oratories are a great reminder of your Catholic faith that you can carry with you everywhere you go! 

Make it a part of your everyday carry, bring it with you as you travel, take it to work, bring it to school, it goes where you go!  Your Pocket Oratory folds up to be carried in your pocket and unfolds just as easily!  


Verso l'alto Rosary

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati was an avid outdoorsman, climber, and skier. Blessed Frassati shared the faith with his friends and the world as a lay Dominican and served the poor up until his death. This rosary honors this avid outdoorsman and the phrase he made famous. On a photo of him mountain climbing, he wrote the words "Verso l'alto" which means "toward the top." Though never his motto, the words he wrote on that page have inspired many and reflect his life: his constant love of climbing and orienting his life toward "God's summit."  This rosary is made from beads which highlight the outdoors!


Undoer of Knots Rosary

This rosary honors the beautiful Marian title of Mary, Undoer of Knots. In 1615, a German nobleman met with his parish priest to pray for his troubled marriage. As he lifted up the knotted wedding cord given to him by the priest and prayed that the "knots" in his marriage would be loosened, the cord immediately became untied. Shortly after, husband and wife were reconciled and their marriage was saved.  This rosary, made from unique beads, celebrates Mary, Undoer of Knots to remind us that no "knot" is too large for prayer!


Faith like the Blessed Mother Rosary

Mary holds a special place in our hearts as Catholics. As the mother of Jesus, she loved, suffered, and rejoiced like no one else. This rosary, with its beautiful colors, is made in honor of our Blessed Mother!  This rosary is made from beautifully unique bead choices and cotton cording! The "Our Father" beads are beautiful multicolor agate beads and the "Hail Mary" beads are a smaller agate. The rosary is finished with a beautifully formed, Italian made Silver Plated ZAMAC Crucifix.


Embroidered Cross Brown Scapular

Check out these awesome hand-made/hand-embroidered brown scapulars! These scapulars are hand made from 100% wool felt. The images are hand-embroidered and sewn onto the scapular wool for a beautiful look!


Noah's Ark Rosary

This unique rosary is an excellent reminder of the promises that God made to Noah and is a perfect reminder of God's grace and love.  This rosary is made from beautiful beads and cotton cording. The "Our Father" beads are uniquely shaped animals and Arks and are made from very hard, high-quality plastic. The "Hail Mary" beads are beautifully simple textured wooden beads. The rosary is finished with a beautifully formed, Italian made Silver Plated ZAMAC Crucifix.

The Passion of Christ & Easter - Little Blessings Felt Scene

Help your kids understand Easter with Little Blessings Felt Envelopes!  Little Blessings Felt Envelopes are a unique way to learn more about the Catholic liturgical seasons, the Bible, the Saints, and more! Each envelope includes two "sets" - a bible story and an additional Catholic set (saints, the mass, etc). Backgrounds and other felt items are made from wool/fiber blend felt while characters and other printed accessories are printed in-house on thin fiber and reinforced with hot iron stiff interfacing.



Hand-dipped, 100% Beeswax Candles

Introducing our beautiful hand-dipped 100% Beeswax candles! These are perfect for Candlemass, a home prayer corner, brightening up a room, or as an elegant touch to family dinners! These candles are hand-dipped which creates the authentic "candle maker" look and are made from 100% beeswax which is sourced directly from beekeepers (not from a 3rd party)! Did you know that as long as a candle has 51% beeswax, it can legally be called a beeswax candle? We believe that a natural candle should be made the way candles have been made for centuries, with no synthetic waxes - that's why we only use pure, 100% beeswax in our candles!

Large Family Prayer Rosary

Praying as a family is important. This large rosary is a little over 2-feet long with 16mm large wooden beads. This rosary is PERFECT for hanging on a wall in a prayer corner, using it to pray with young children (the rosary is long enough for them to hold as well), and is a comfortable size to pray and hold yourself!


Pocket Saints

Introducing Pocket Saints from Gloria & Praise! Each Pocket Saint is hand created from two wooden beads which are hand painted. After being hand-painted & assembled, the "saints" are strung on Olive color premium gutted paracord and finished with a high-quality black metal spring mini-carabiner buckle.

Water of Life - Glow in the Dark Rosary

Check out this awesome Water of Life rosary representing the Living Water that Jesus gives us!

This rosary features uniquely shaped wooden "Our Father" beads which are pleasant to hold. The Hail Mary beads are dark Czech blue glass which glow in the dark! Charge the Hail Mary beads in a bright light before turning out the lights to find a beautiful blue glow!



Gloria & Praise Gift Card

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that special someone but not sure what to get? Give them a Gloria & Praise gift card and let them decide!