St. Benedict was a deep follower of Christ, even under life-threatening consequences, and is known for his strength in the midst of temptation. Benedict, the son of a Roman nobleman, traveled to Rome to study. But in Rome, Benedict was faced with many vices and temptations - seeing the sinful lifestyle around him, Benedict retreated and lived in the solitude of a cave for 3-years.

Benedict was faced with many challenges throughout his ministry. Even in the solitude of the cave, he was tempted by the devil on several occasions. After his period of solitude and prayer, Benedict's troubles were far from over. Some of those he led even tried to poison him after his ways felt too hard for them - but Benedict's faith saved him. He prayed and the glass with the poison shattered.  

But through the many challenges, Benedict continuously put God first in his life and accomplished great things. He founded many communities under his famous Rule - the most famous of which is to Pray & Work. Many people were impacted by his reflection and lessons.

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