"Life of Padre Pio" Art Print


This is a perfect Art Print for those loved ones in your life who love Padre Pio!

This print includes:

  • Beautiful, artist printed 11x14 sized print of "Padre Pio"
  • Certificate of Authenticity & Photo Explanation 


About the print:

St. Pio of Pietrelcina, better known as Padre Pio, was a Franciscan Brother who loved the Lord deeply.

(Right circle) - At a very young age, Padre Pio (then, Francesco Forgione) constantly chose a life of penance and humility, even being found by his mother sleeping on a stone floor after giving himself penance. Hearing the call to become a Franciscan, Francesco was told that he needed more education before he could become a friar. Coming from a poor farming family that tended the land, Francesco tended his family’s flocks instead of attending school. To meet the education requirement for their son, his father traveled to America to find work to pay for the private tutoring sessions that he would require.

(Center circle) After tutoring sessions, Francesco joined the friars and took the name Pio – after the Pope whose relics he prayed before at his local chapel. Padre Pio suffered many challenges during his life. He was often sickly, couldn’t travel, and had tuberculosis. One major challenge that would change him forever was when he was divinely struck with the Stigmata (wounds corresponding to the injuries Jesus received on the cross – on his hands, feet, and side) which did not heal and stayed with him the rest of his life. Padre Pio was worried about becoming a spectacle and almost always bandaged his wounds to make them less conspicuous. Word spread however and soon he was told to stop offering mass and hearing confessions until the miracle of the stigmata could be verified.

(Left circle) Padre Pio, who was allowed to continue offering mass and hearing confessions after a short while, had a great reverence and love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. So much so that he often became overcome with emotion when offering Mass. This love was deep and profound. He also had a deep devotion to praying the rosery – something that he continued from when he was young and something that he encouraged others to do.

St. Pio was a man who loved God deeply and wanted God to be in the spotlight, not him. Even though he received much attention, he remained humble and first and foremost a servant of God.