St. Catherine of Siena - Pocket Saints


St. Catherine of Siena, a doctor of the Church, is well known for her trust, intelligence, and as one of the popular mystics of the Church.  St. Catherine, one of 25 children born in her family, joined the Dominican Third Order after cutting her hair to dodge her parents' efforts for her to get married.  She experienced many visions of miracles and is known for her humility and her unending prayer for the unitity of the church when so many had fallen away.  She is the patron saint of illness, purity, people who are ridiculed, fire, and is co-patron of Italy.

Introducing Pocket Saints from Gloria & Praise!  Each Pocket Saint is hand created from two wooden beads which are hand painted.  After being hand-painted & assembled, the "saints" are strung on Olive color premium gutted paracord and finished with a high-quality black metal spring mini-carabiner buckle.  

Pocket Saints are perfect for attaching to bags, your key chain, a zipper, or anywhere else you choose!  Pocket Saints make the perfect gift!

Note about handmade products: 

As with many of our products, these items are handmade in small batches.  This means that though we try to make products uniform, there may be slight differences from what you see in the product images (i.e. slight changes in knot formation, length, etc) due to the nature of handmade items.