Custom Rosary


Interested in a custom rosary? We would love to make your dream rosary!!  Here are a few things we can custom make:

  • We can change a few things on one of our rosaries to personalize for you
  • Create custom 1-decade pocket rosaries or longer 10, 15, or 20 decade rosaries
  • Chaplets
  • We can even custom design your dream rosary just for you!

The price of your custom will depend on the bead choices we use and how much work we put into it - we usually don't charge any extra for custom orders!  Just the price of the rosary which depends on the style, configuration, and bead choices.

Just contact us at or using the form below!  We will follow up if we have any questions and we'll get creating!  There is no obligation to pay/buy right away (we want to make sure you love it first!).  After we've designed it, we will send you a secure link to view photos of the finished product so you can see what it looks like!  If you love it, then you can purchase directly from the link!

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