Catholic Crackers for Special Events

Do you have a wedding, baptism celebration, family reunion, or other events?  Consider Catholic Crackers!  We can custom design crackers specific for your event or provide you a quantity discount on our popular Catholic Christmas Crackers!  

The perfect favors for your guests

Catholic Crackers are a high quality, light-hearted but elegant party favor for the major celebrations in your life!  Each cracker is hand made and stuffed with a high-quality Pocket Saint, an info card about the saint, a charade, a joke, and a paper crown.  We can also fully customize the contents tailored to your celebration!  When guests open the crackers, a friction snap creates the distinctive loud "pop" which is customary in Christmas Crackers.  


The process

As with most of our customization orders, there is no obligation upfront.  Simply contact us and let us know what you are thinking (i.e., if you would like a custom design, custom contents, or just a bulk order of an already existing product), how many you might need, and when you might need them.  We will follow up with information! If you would like personalization, we will also send you proofs of our idea before you order!

After we get your idea down on paper and you approve it, we will send you a custom link to pay!  Afterward, we will get creating!

Let's get your amazing party favors!  Tell us about your event below!