Fundraiser Information

Welcome to the Gloria & Praise Family!!  We are so excited that you chose to fundraise for your group/organization with Pocket Saints!  This page has important resources for you as well as instructions for YOU as the contact person for your fundraiser!


STEP 1:  Download and look through the resources below - update order form with your info

STEP 2:  Distribute the Catalog & Order Form as you see fit! 

STEP 3:  Collect forms and payment - be sure to keep a copy of the forms for when you receive your order so you know how to disperse the Pocket Saints.

STEP 4:  Tell us your group's final order by filling out the form located here:

STEP 5:  After you submit the form to us, we will get back to you within 24 hours with a link for you to place your group's order!  You pay the amount that is owed to us, and you keep the rest as profit!  

What payment methods do we accept?  We accept Credit/Debit cards as the preferred method of payment.  If your school must pay by check, we will not be able to start creating your order, until we have received your check and your check has cleared.  

STEP 5:  After you complete your order, we will start crafting your Pocket Saints!  Pocket Saints are handmade which means production time varies depending on the quantity ordered.  We will email you our estimated production time to the email you used to place the order.  NOTE:  If production time is important to your circumstances, contact us BEFORE you start your fundraiser with the estimated orders you think you will receive and we will do our best to estimate times so you can plan accordingly.  

STEP 6:  You will receive a shipping notification when your order has shipped!  After you receive your order, use your order forms to disperse everything to the proper people!

Fundraising Catalog

The Fundraising Catalog is geared towards members of your organization or the general public who will be supporting your fundraiser.  It contains information on the Pocket Saint line, information about how fundraisers work, and a complete listing of all Pocket Saints with photos. Feel free to print and give out the catalog to people who are interested or email it as an attachment!

You may also share a copy of this catalog electronically by sharing this link: 

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Order Form

Print or email this form to all those who will be supporting your fundraiser!  The form contains instructions and a listing of all Pocket Saints and add on medals that can be ordered!  Be sure to update the form with your information and payment details before you start passing it out!

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