St. Clare of Assisi & The 10 Plagues - Little Blessings


Relive some of the most amazing aspects of our Faith in a unique way in this St. Clare of Assisi and The 10 Plagues Little Blessings Felt Envelope!  

St. Clare of Assisi: Learn more about the life and miracles of St. Clare of Assisi! This set includes: St. Clare, Invader, felt ladder, Monstrance, felt San Damiano monastery exterior with openable doors

The 10 Plagues:
Learn about the 10 plagues from the Book of Exodus! This set includes: Moses, Aaron, Pharaoh, felt Moses staff, felt snake staff, 2 frog sets, 2 locust sets, 2 fly sets, 2 gnat set, felt storm cloud with hail, felt hand, 3 felt boils, felt bones, felt doorway, 3 felt blood for doorway, felt pyramids, felt river, felt bloody river, felt black sky.


Felt board not included - need one?  Purchase here!


    More about Little Blessings Felt Envelopes

    Little Blessings Felt Envelopes are a unique way to learn more about the Catholic liturgical seasons, the Bible, the Saints, and more!  Each envelope includes two "sets" - a bible story and an additional Catholic set (saints, the mass, etc).  Backgrounds and other felt items are made from wool/fiber blend felt while characters and other printed accessories are printed in-house on thin fiber and reinforced with hot iron stiff interfacing. 

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