We create unique and special rosaries, perfect for yourself or as a gift for a loved one!  Splurge on one for yourself or give as a gift for first communion, confirmation, ordination, and more!


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"St. Dymphna" Rosary"St. Dymphna" Rosary
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"Fishers of Men" Knotted Rosary"Fishers of Men" Knotted Rosary
"Lily of the Mohawks" Rosary"Lily of the Mohawks" Rosary
"The Little Flower" Rosary"The Little Flower" Rosary
Sale price$36.99
"Water of Life - Glow in the Dark" Rosary"Water of Life - Glow in the Dark" Rosary
"Light in darkness" Rosary"Light in darkness" Rosary
Sale price$35.99
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"Fruit of the Spirit" Rosary"Fruit of the Spirit" Rosary
"Undoer of Knots" Rosary"Undoer of Knots" Rosary
Sale price$32.99
"St. Gianna Beretta Molla" Single Decade Rosary"St. Gianna Beretta Molla" Single Decade Rosary
"The Little Flower" Single Decade Rosary"The Little Flower" Single Decade Rosary
"Verso l’alto" Rosary"Verso l’alto" Rosary
Sale price$34.99
"Faith like a Sparrow" Rosary"Faith like a Sparrow" Rosary
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"Panda Bear" Rosary"Panda Bear" Rosary
Sale price$35.99
Noah's Ark RosaryNoah's Ark Rosary
Sale price$24.99
"Pray, & Don't Worry" Rosary"Pray, & Don't Worry" Rosary
"Barka" Rosary"Barka" Rosary
Sale price$22.99
"At the Seashore" Rosary"At the Seashore" Rosary
Sale price$36.99
"Gold & Red Flower" Rosary"Gold & Red Flower" Rosary
Sale price$36.99
"Mary, Queen of Heaven" Rosary"Mary, Queen of Heaven" Rosary
"Olivewood Rosary" Rosary"Olivewood Rosary" Rosary
Sale price$32.99
"Light in Darkness - Glow in the Dark" Rosary"Light in Darkness - Glow in the Dark" Rosary
"Summer Fun" Rosary"Summer Fun" Rosary
Sale price$36.99
"St. Peter" Single Decade Rosary"St. Peter" Single Decade Rosary
"Marian" Rosary"Marian" Rosary
Sale price$36.99