Custom Catholic Crackers

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for favors for your organization's fundraising dinner, gifts for your customers, or that perfect favor that's sure to please? 
Look no further than Catholic Crackers by Gloria & Praise!  Catholic Crackers are created from beautiful paper stocks, contain fun goodies, and make an impression.  We can brand crackers with your logo, create custom paper stock just for you, change up the contents inside, and more - all to help you create that perfect gift that is sure to wow!

Custom Catholic Crackers

Base price of crackers starts at $2.20 – after customization, you can expect to pay an average of $3.70-$9.10 per cracker (or more for extreme customization needs) depending on your customization needs!

Contact us for an exact quote! We can work with most budgets!


The following items can be customized on Catholic Crackers:


The custom paper can be chosen from several different stock options (solid & metallic colors, patterns, etc) or designed by our team from scratch to your liking! If you opt to go for a stock option, a center custom sticker is also a great cost-effective option for customization!


In addition to the cracker paper, a number of additional embellishments (such as paper flowers, holy medals, etc) can be added.


The inside contents of the cracker can be fully customized to your requests! This includes:

  1. THE GIFT – we have several different gift options to fit a variety of budgets! Including Pocket Saints, custom buttons, rosaries, & more! Additionally, if you would like something more unique, we can source items that fit your needs OR feel free to ship us the items you would like inside the cracker!
  2. PAPER HATS – a staple of all Crackers, Catholic Crackers come standard with a mix of colored paper hats. Upgrade this to metallic colors, have us source the specific paper colors you need, or opt against the hat!
  3. MOTTOS & MESSAGES – all crackers come standard with a joke & charade – this can be customized as needed.

Let's get started!