Are you looking for the perfect fundraiser for your Catholic school, church, youth group, clubs, and more?  Pocket Saints are the perfect fundraiser!  Who ever said that fundraisers have to be faithless?  Pocket Saints are fun, remind people of their faith and favorite saints, make a public statement about our faith, are handmade to order, and, they are pretty awesome!!  

We provide an awesome way to fundraise for your group - with 40+ Pocket Saints to choose from, there is something for everyone!  And it's so easy!  Simply pass out the information and gather orders and payment from members of your group using our handy order forms!  They pay the regular price of $12.99/saint.  After you gather the money, simply place an online order at the discounted rate shown below & keep the profits!

Pocket Saints Ordered
Your Profit per Pocket Saint
Your minimum profit (YAY!)
25+ 20% off $2.60 $65+
75+ 25% off $3.25 $243+
100+ 30% off $3.90 $390+
150+ 35% off $4.55 $680+
200+ 40% off $5.20 $1,040+
500+ 45% off $5.85 $2,925+
700+ 50% off $6.50 $4,550+

An important note about lead-time: 
Pocket Saints are handmade to order. This means that the lead time of larger orders can be longer depending on size.  If lead time is an issue, mention your timeline & your estimated purchase below and we can better estimate production time. Thank you for your understanding!

Fill out the form below to get started!

To take advantage of this for your group, simply fill out the form below with your name, the name of your group/organization/school and what you are fundraising for!  We will send you fundraiser resources (forms, etc) and the discount coupons for when you purchase!

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