St. Peter: Fisher of Men - Catholic Sensory Box™

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Imagination meets faith...It's the St. Peter Catholic Sensory Box™!

As the first Pope and leader of the disciples, St. Peter had lots of adventures.  With this sensory box, imagination meets faith for playtime that ticks all the boxes.

Many people have come to understand the importance of sensory play but many of the boxes on the market are just filled with trinkets.  That's where the Catholic Sensory Box™ comes in!   Say goodbye to the mundane and welcome a creative way to bring a bit of fun and Catholic values to your children's hearts.

With two ways to play, a true sensory experience with dyed rice and chickpeas for a "less-mess" experience with a wool blend felt mat, the box is perfect for all play times - encouraging your kids to breathe life into the stories of St. Peter.

Inside, discover tactile rice and chickpeas, a felt boat, a hand-painted St. Peter peg doll, smooth stones, an authentic Turkish olivewood bowl, and more! This immersive experience allows your child to touch, feel, and truly engage with the lessons of faith.

Ignite the flame of faith in your child's heart and create an unforgettable, tangible experience of your family's faith. 

Included in this Catholic Sensory Box™

This box includes:

  • Plastic case (13" x 12")
  • Wool felt blend play mat
  • Dyed sensory play materials (rice and chickpeas dyed naturally)
  • Hand-painted St. Peter peg doll
  • Felt fishing boat
  • Turkish Olivewood Bowl
  • Cargo Mesh Fishing net
  • Three stones
  • Three sea shells
  • Three pieces of drift wood
  • Six wooden fish

St. Peter: Fisher of Men - Catholic Sensory Box™

Imagination and faith meets quality

It's a sensory box made Catholic! Thoughtfully created specifically for the future saint in your life - from reenacting Peter walking on water to heading out to fish, the possibilities for imaginative play are endless!

Naturally Dyed Tactile Water

Rice and chickpeas dyed blue for a beautiful water tactile play

Felt Mat for "less mess" play

For times when you want less mess play, this beautiful hand-stitched wool felt blend play mat showcases sand and water

Turkish olivewood bowl

Beautifully crafted bowls sourced from Turkey - perfect for scooping "water" or "fish"!

Handpainted St. Peter Peg Doll

This St. Peter peg doll is hand painted and ready for faith-based play - from reenacting St. Peter walking on water to fishing, he's sure to inspire young minds!

Felt fishing boat

Handmade from brown 100% wool felt!

Give the gift of quality

It's a different kind of sensory box!

Look inside...

Check out all the awesome stuff that is included in each Box:

Handmade items

  • Felt play mat
  • Dyed sensory play materials
  • Hand-painted St. Peter peg doll
  • Felt fishing boat

Natural Items

  • Three (3) stones
  • Three (3) sea shells
  • Three (3) pieces of drift wood

Sourced with care

  • Turkish olivewood bowl
  • Fishing net
  • Six (6) wooden fish

Watch the Catholic Sensory Box™ Story!

Tactile faith based play

For the future Saint in your life!

It's the much talked about Catholic toy of 2023! Grab it now in time for Christmas!

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