"Life of St. Benedict" Art Print


This is a perfect Art Print for those loved ones in your life who have a devotion to St. Benedict!

This print includes:

  • Beautiful, artist printed 11x14 sized print of "St. Benedict"
  • Certificate of Authenticity & Photo Explanation 

About the print:

St. Benedict, whose simple life philosophy was wrapped up into the rule of “pray and work” (Ora et Labora), was a deep follower of Christ – even when faced with life-threatening consequences. He thought God was worth it.

(top left circle) Born the son of a Roman nobleman with his twin sister St. Scholastica, Benedict traveled to Rome and was immersed in studies of all sorts. But with the studies, came vices such as wealth, lies, and lust. Seeing this sinful lifestyle around him, Benedict retreated to a small town and eventually ended up in the mountains of Subiaco where he lived in the solitude of a cave for 3 years. 

(Top right circle) Benedict was faced with many challenges throughout his ministry. Even in the solitude of the cave, he was tempted by the devil on several occasions – in one instance, being struck with lustful thoughts from the devil, he jumped into a thorn bush to resist. After his period of solitude and restful prayer, Benedict was approached by a monastic community who requested his leadership. Upon warning them that his way of life was not easy and he would be hard on them, he ultimately relented and agreed to lead the community. Some time later, these men he trusted ultimately tried to poison him because of his strictness. Upon receiving the glass of poison, Benedict prayed over it and the glass shattered to the floor. 

(Bottom circle) Ultimately, even through these challenges, Benedict founded many religious communities following his simple and monastic way of life. Benedict taught that scripture should be read, contemplated, and reflected, a process that is known as Lectio Divina. Many monks in his order worked to copy the Bible, producing beautiful and meticulously crafted manuscripts. 

Overall, through the many challenges that St. Benedict faced, he continuously put God first in his life. Because of this, many people were impacted by his reflection and lessons. St. Benedict was tempted, challenged, and almost killed. He thought God was worth it.